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Clergue Forest Management Incorporated Manages the Algoma Forest

Clergue Forest Management Incorporated ("Clergue") was formed in 1997 as the shareholder-based Sustainable Forest License holder for the Algoma Forest in the Sault Ste Marie area of Northeastern Ontario.


Products made with Algoma Forest fibre include hardwood lumber, softwood lumber, softwood dimensional lumber, plywood, composite wood panels, market pulp, paper, and industrial wood pellets.

Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Forest

The Algoma Forest is composed of 47% Great Lakes - St. Lawrence forest type.


Great Lakes - St. Lawrence tree species are managed on the Algoma Forest using the Selection Silviculture System or the Shelterwood Silviculture System.  While both systems involve certified tree markers walking the stands and painting the trees, shelterwood is even-aged management and selection is uneven-aged management.  The image to the left shows a typical tolerant hardwood shelterwood stand three years after harvest.  Natural seedfall is used to regenerate tolerant hardwood stands.  The next harvest in this shelterwood stand will be to remove the overstory.  In selection stands the goal is to return every 28 years to remove 1/3 of the trees.

Boreal Forest

The Algoma Forest is composed of 53% Boreal forest type.


Boreal species on the Algoma Forest are managed using the Clearcut Silvicultural System with the goal to create even-aged regenerating stands.  The image on the right shows a typical regenerating jack pine stand.  This stand was harvested in 2004 and was planted in 2005 with jack pine seedlings.  It was chemically tended in 2009 using aerial application and was declared free-growing in 2012.  In another 50 years this young jack pine stand will be ready for harvest once again.









Domtar Espanola

Originally built in 1905 by the Spanish River Pulp and Paper Company, the Espanola mill was purchased in 1968 by E.B. Eddy and became part of Domtar Inc. in 1998.

Domtar Espanola produces over 200 different grades of technical and specialty papers with annual production capacity of 76,000 tons.  The mill also produces FSC-certified market pulp, northern bleached hardwood and softwood pulp with annual pulp production capacity of 351,000 tons.











Columbia Forest Products

Columbia Forest Products Hearst plywood mill was originally built in 1961 as Levesque Plywood.  Due to fire in 1965, a new mill was built in 1966 which has continued to operate to the present with annual production of up to 68 million feet on a 3/8" basis.









Boniferro Mill Works

Boniferro Mill Works is a hardwood sawmill located in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Canada.  The mill has been in operation since 1948 and Boniferro Mill Works has owned and operated the mill since 2003.

Boniferro Mill Works' annual hardwood lumber capacity is more than 17 million board feet.  Products include pallet material and rough green lumber.











Tembec Chapleau

Tembec Chapleau's sawmill

produces softwood stud lumber and random sized lumber.  The Chapleau mill's annual capacity is 135 million board feet, contributing toward Tembec's 1 billion board feet of total annual production.









Midway Lumber Mills

Midway Lumber Mills built it's Thessalon Sawmill in 1948 and has been operated by the Morgan family ever since.  Midway produces several dimensions of softwood lumber, paneling, and flooring with annual production of 20 million board feet.  Custom milling services are available plus dry kilns and a planer mill.

Forest Management Planning

Forest management planning in Ontario occurs in two phases.  In Phase 1 there are five stages, while Phase 2 has three stages.


Algoma Forest information is below:


Phase 1

  • Stage 1 - Invitation to Participate (December 2007)
  • Stage 2 - Review of Proposed Long-Term Management Direction (July 2008)
  • Stage 3 - Information Centre: Review of Proposed Operations (December 2008)
  • Stage 4 - Information Centre: Review of the Draft Forest Management Plan (June 2009)
  • Stage 5: Inspection of the MNR - Approved Forest Management Plan (December 2009)
  • Implementation of the 2010-2020 Forest Management Plan (April 2010)





Phase 2

  • Stage 1 - Information Centre: Review of Proposed Operations (April 2014)
  • Stage 2 - Review of Draft Planned Operations (June 2014)
  • Stage 3 - Inspection of MNR - Approved Planned Operations (October 2014)
  • Implementation of Phase II Operations of the 2010-2020 Forest Management Plan (April 2015)



Annual Work Schedule

Provides details of operations to occur on the Algoma Forest for the given fiscal year.  It includes information on areas scheduled for harvest, renewal, tending and protection operations in the form of maps, text and tables.  The Annual Work Schedule must be in place before any operations can be implemented, with April 1st as our target start date and March 31st as the firm end date.  The operations identified in the Annual Work Schedule were previously planned and approved in the Forest Management Plan.




Annual Report

Documents the activities performed within the Algoma Forest for a given fiscal year.  This report contains information products for areas of harvest, renewal, tending and protection operations.




High Conservation Value Forest Report



Species At Risk List - 2014



Check out the Algoma Forest Image Gallery



Forest Operations

Forest operations on the Algoma Forest are planned by Clergue Forest Management Inc. and implemented by our overlapping licensees and their harvest contractors.


Opportunities are available for fuelwood on the Algoma Forest.


Personal use permits can be obtained from the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry District Offices in Sault Ste. Marie and Wawa for areas released from commercial harvesting.


For commercial fuelwood opportunities more information can be obtained by contacting Clergue Forest Management Inc.

2010-2020 Algoma Forest Management Plan

Phase 2 Implementation


Phase 2 of the 2010-2020 Algoma Forest Management Plan was implemented on April 1, 2015.


To view the 2010-2020 Algoma Forest Management Plan, including the latest approved Annual Work Schedule and past Annual Reports, CLICK HERE


Annual Work Schedules notices are sent out every March.


To view the Annual Work Schedule in person and to discuss operations on the Algoma Forest, feel free to visit:


Clergue Forest Management

688-B Second Line E.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON




Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry District Office

64 Church Street

Sault Ste. Marie, ON


2020-2030 Algoma Forest Management Plan


Planning for the 2020-30 Algoma Forest Management Plan has begun.  If you have any questions about the forest management planning process or about how to get involved, please contact Jason McLellan at jason.mclellan@clergue.com.



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